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Exam Test/Retest

Did you opt against attempting the written or practical portion of CardioPump™ Kettlebell at a live workshop?  Or need to retest on either component? This is where you can test or retest within 60 days of your event!

For your initial practical skills test (or practical skills retest), upload an unlisted YouTube video. Film yourself performing 5+ repetitions of the exercise(s) on your checklist. If submitting a retest video, only film the exercise that you failed previously. If it is a unilateral exercise, please shoot both arms.

Conversions that you may find helpful while taking the written exam:
1-pood = 16 kilograms
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds
1-pound = 0.45 kilograms

CardioPump™ Kettlebell Written Exam RETEST

Passing score is 80% accuracy. You will receive your written test results immediately upon completing the exam! A Cardiopump™ Fitness, LLC, employee will contact you via email within 48-hours of completing your retest. Good luck!

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