Cardiopump™ Fitness, LLC
Kettlebell Education for Campus Recreation

Deep Discount on Kettlebells

Cardiopump Fitness, LLC, has proudly teamed up with GoFit, LLC to offer a 45% discount off of the retail price of kettlebells to any facility hosting CardioPump™ Kettlebell workshop.  It’s one thing to learn proper form for kettlebell exercises.  It’s another thing to retain that knowledge.  By extending this deep discount on kettlebells, we empower your fitness staff to apply what they learn coming out of this workshop.  We provide quality education and equipment to set your members up for safe and effective kettlebell experiences at your facility!

Kettlebell inventory for campus recreation centers:

Lots of factors may affect our recommended kettlebell inventory for fitness centers.  Will the bells be used primarily for informal recreation, personal training, small group training, or group fitness classes?  Will untrained individuals have access to the bells?  What storage space limitations does your facility have?  Questions like these may determine the ideal quantity and size assortment, as well as if a facility should exclusively order standard vinyl-coated kettlebells or an assortment of those and contour kettlebells (pictured below).  If interested in booking CardioPump™ Kettlebell workshop at your facility, Brook Benten will personally consult with you on your unique programming needs and provide an itemized inventory recommendation.